Where in the world has VR been …

Hey team,

What the frickity frack happened and where have you been?
I’m sure you’re all wondering, where in the world have I been – more than a month and a half, and no post!? No I haven’t given up, and yes I’m still on my mission! Since writing last I injured my neck (in yoga of all things! … yes really), had some ill family members, and most of had terrible, debilitating pain in my back for the last two weeks of February, which eventually lead to a vasovagal (i.e. where my body was in so much pain following a muscle spasm I went into shock and had to have 3 weeks off … gory stuff).

However, I’m not telling you this for all the myriad of excuses the above could give me. I’m telling you so you’re on this journey with me, as I promised to be honest with you.  It took me a long while to rebuild my strength and felt like 1 step forwards, 5000 steps back, but I take the lessons I learnt in that period to build a better, stronger me and come back better than ever.  Every ‘difficulty’ I see as an opportunity to be better.

Wait… so what did you do in Feb?! I’m dying to know.
My month of February was meant to be filled with yoga everyday (I was doing it almost every day in Jan!). I injured my neck on literally day 2 (haha!). I couldn’t turn my head to the right. Ever the optimist, I continued to move as much as possible and sought out the assistance of a physio ASAP. To make up for the lack of yoga, and to celebrate 5 years since my accident, I enrolled in a yoga retreat in the Byron Hinterlands, with one night in Byron as a treat!  Well… that was SOO much yoga, and it was great. Moving and (mindfully) grooving was awesome. We were fed vegan organic food (*cue the hippy jokes and rolled eyes now*) and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

I felt great. I even got up at 5:40 ON MY DAY OFF IN BYRON, VOLUNTARILY, to see the sunrise. Although it was overcast, I had researched the time the sun would hit the most eastern point of Australia, and once it did the sky separated from the horizon and Byron really put on a show. It was so grounding and inspiring to be there, as well as satisfying in a weird way.

Alright then, hippy, what about March?
I returned to work, where it was more busy as it was when I left it, and in my Hermione like fashion, I worked as hard as I could to complete all my work –  tack on not exercising, not eating well ( I was still eating pretty bloody clean) and multiple 2/day 3 hour commutes in 3 days was a recipe for disaster – leading to the vasovagal I mentioned beforehand and a couple weeks off work.

In action mode immediately, and with March starting – I investigated foods that are inflammatory and for March I have avoided inflammatory foods (for 28 days, the 3 being used on my Mum’s birthday). My anti-inflammatory food protocol post will be posted shortly!

I also made some massive leaps in my life – I moved out to an inner city pad! For all those Sydneysiders reading, I moved from beautiful beachy Cronulla to leafy Darlinghurst. This has been an absolute game changer both physically (i.e. the ability to walk pretty much every where) and mentally (for example, giving myself the time to pursue the 28 project).

Great! So what about April?

In April I tried to eat in accordance with my Ayurvedic ‘type’ or ‘dosha’. Ayurvedic medicine is basically the ancient Indian medical tradition. I was prescribed a concoction of remedies to balance out my dosha (I’m predominately a ‘Pitta’ and a bit of ‘Kapha’, but had too much ‘Vita’ in my body). I ate in the fashion prescribed for that 28 days of the month, however didn’t quite find the benefit I was looking for. I’ll continue to investigate this area as I think it’s absolutely fascinating and vita way to push the needle in understanding my health.

Yea… but lets get to now. What are you doing in May?

You may (haha) be wondering what I’m doing now. And given the opportunities that life has thrown at me (weeks off at a time due to the back spasm mentioned above, working late, moving house… and heaps of change in a short period of time) I’ve become a lot more mindful of what I’m doing. I chose to meditate every morning in May for 15 minutes. As at the 13th of May – I’ve meditated every single day. Even when I worked until 4:30 am, I got up the next day and meditated (as well as stretched and all the rest of my glorious morning routine). Nothin’ is stopping my in my way of being a better human. No excuse. Once or twice, when I didn’t  have heaps of time I reduced it to 5 minutes, lying in bed, sitting with my breath, setting my intention and got going. I can’t wait to share my meditation routine with you soon. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to just sit for even a couple of minutes (even 30 secs) each day. As they always say, put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others. Meditation is that for mornings. I see it as making the time to set yourself up so you can give value the whole day. I love feeling present and alive, which is really what meditation teaches you.

The next couple of posts are going to be super powerful and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been doing in my off time for the last couple of months with you. Absolute game changing stuff.

I’m so grateful for you reading this!

Stay tuned. Stay well.





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  1. VR!! Youve been busy! 😂 Im so glad to read your stories and what youve been up to and its refreshing to hear how positive you are despite the ‘whoops’ along the way. Thinking of you.! 🙏🏼👌🏻🤘🏽 Stay grateful and blessed. Much love❤

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