28:1 – Part 1: pillowtalk

Hey team,

Welcome to 2018! I hope you all had an amazing start to what I think will be an amazing year!

My first day of 2018, and the first day of the 28 Project was spent in Mauritius, where I vacationed with my beautiful family for 14 days. On New Years Eve we were fortunate enough to celebrate in style in a hotel on the beach with fireworks at midnight. As the clock struck midnight – I could tell this year is going to be special. I’ve spent so long thinking about the 28 Project that I’m so happy it’s finally here and happening.

What did I decide for my first challenge?

Sleep! In my head I thought getting my zzz’s is probably the easiest tip of the iceberg ever. Sleep is crucial for your mental and physical state. Shawn Stevenson, expert in the area and author of the excellent book ‘Sleep Smarter’ states:  “Sleep is the secret sauce. There isn’t one facet of your mental, emotional, or physical performance that’s not affected by the quality of your sleep”.   Delving into one of his steps to sleep smarter, the money time for sleep is between 10pm-12am. Effectively, you’re meant to sleep in 90 minute cycles. Thinking I’ll be on holidays, still with early mornings where my family and I would go on a walk and have a swim before it got too hot – sleep suited me fine! I’d regularly go to sleep when I was at home at 10pm and wake up at 5:45-6, so I was good to go.

Learnings so far.

Did.not.expect.the.worst.jet.lag.of.my.life. Anyone who tells you going west to east is terrible for jet lag is totally right. Wide awake at 12 – 1, and awfully sleepy by 2pm.

As this is meant to be an authentic learning experience, I’m taking some additional tools from my tool belt to make sure the project is not derailed in the first 2 weeks! Today (the 14/1) I’ve signed up to yoga (noting yoga/meditation is my focus for next month) and am trying to ‘get grounded’ (i.e. having ‘interaction with the earth’s surface’ through walking/swimming in the beach)  as much as possible. Tonight I’ll try some yoga nidra and sleeping meditation as well as some extra magnesium spray, which is an ‘anti-stress mineral’ and is great for optimising sleep.

Curveballs are part of the journey!

Wishing you health and happiness in 2018,


My family on NYE in Mauritius (I’m the one in green)

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  1. What an awesome post!! And so excited to share your journey and the start of 2018 with you, what a treat!! We are so proud of you and love you very much. Can’t wait for your next post 🙂 Your loving sister and family xx

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