About the 28 project


My name is Veronica and thank you for joining my on my journey in biohacking and exploring how to be healthy, well and fulfilled in a busy world.

So – what’s all this about? The 28 Project is my personal challenge to focus on one thing per month, for 28 months and 28 days in that month (I know February is going to be tight!). The one thing involve anything from biohacking, health, finances, eating or even cooking. I will build upon everything I’ve learnt along the way to show how to become better, fitter and stronger faster.

Why me? Five years ago I broke my back (5 vertebrae in my thoracic spine if you’re curious) and since then I have seen more medical practitioners (chiros, doctors, dieticians, naturopaths, you name it) than an octogenarian hypercondriac.

Believing my own life and ability to heal myself is in my hands versus the alternative of a lifetime of medical appointments and medication, I am challenging myself to use the latest research and technologies available to build a healthier, stronger Veronica.

Why 28? On September 28 2017, I turned 28 and it’s 2018 – all those 8s seemed awfully auspicious, so here we are!

This 28 Project will take us far and wide. It will be adventurous and daring. Working full time, often with late hours, will demand a certain discipline and hopefully show how, even with a demanding schedule, health and wellbeing can be achieved.

I don’t propose to be perfect, as my friend Jacqui rightfully said ‘no one would read that shit’, but I do propose to be honest and authentic with my experiences.

Taking control of my health and wellbeing is my only chance to living a full life and to embrace beauty when I experience discomfort and pain caused by my back.

Strap in for the journey of a lifetime!

Dream, believe, achieve,